Five Best Theme Parks in Orlando, Florida

If we were to come up with a ranking list for the world’s most family friendly holiday vacation spots, Orlando will be on top of our list. People flock this city to have fun and explore the attractions and amazing theme parks here. Here’s a list of some of the best theme parks in Orlando and what they have to offer.

Disney’s EPCOT

Put on your running shoes and head to this 1.3 mile walk as you explore the culture and food here. First of all, EPCOT is best fit for adults rather than children. It’s one of the parks that were originally designed by Walt Disney. The most interesting thing about this site is that it started as a world showcase but has grown to be Orlando’s largest theme park today. You’ll get to dine at some of the best restaurants in the region right here at EPCOT. The park features about eleven pavilions that celebrate different countries of world, an aquarium, and other attractions.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Opened in 1971, Disney’s Magic Kingdom features some of your children’s favorite Disney characters. That means you can’t leave your kids at home as you travel here. They will have the opportunity to take pictures with the Pirates and Princesses of the Caribbean. Right at the entrance of this park is the iconic Cinderella’s castle.

Universal’s Island of Adventure

Built in 1999, this theme park will give you a break from the Princesses as you get some of those movie experiences in real life. There’s nothing that’s more thrilling than taking a raft ride past dinosaurs and wandering through a new world of Hogwarts. Your kids will love everything as they ride through the Jurassic Park River Adventure. It’s also time they met their favorite children’s books characters. Just don’t forget to spend time flying through the theme park and get to see all the attractions here with a different view.

Seaworld Orlando

Ever heard or read of Shamu, the infamous killer whale? Orlando is one of the best family vacation spots you can be. With your loved ones, you’ll get to not only learn different ways through which you can save our oceans but also watch live shows where sea animals perform tricks. From world-class roller coasters to aquariums, Seaworld Orlando is a great place to learn about both wildlife and sea life.

Aquatica Orlando

At Aquatica Orlando you find a combination of wildlife and water rides. The experience here is like no other. You haven’t had the best of an amusement park, a water park, an aquarium and a zoo all combined together until you come to this site. There’s much that you can learn about ocean life as well. Thanks to Stratus Roofing (Roofing Orlando FL) for help with the article.